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Klingspor 4143 3″ x 21″ LS 309 XH 150 Grit Portable Sanding Belt, Wood & Metals

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Klingspor Abrasive Technologies is a worldwide leading manufacturer of premium quality coated abrasives, cut-off wheels and grinding discs

The Klingspor 4143 3″ x 21″ LS 309 XH 150 Grit Cotton Back Sanding Belt by Klingspor Abrasives is a product that has been engineered especially for use with portable belt sanders. Available with a large range of grit sizes, this portable sanding belt is suitable for a multitude of sanding tasks. It is capable of handling a host of different materials, especially wood, metal and NF metal as well as paint, varnish and filler.

This versatility makes this portable sanding belt a truly universal product. The belt has been designed for use in such market segments as the wood and metal processing industry as well as commerce. The portable sanding belt ships in the form of abrasive belts and can be used on hand tool belt grinders or portable belt sanders. The product is available in a large number of grit sizes. Do-it-yourselfers and hobby craftsmen will also benefit for their applications thanks to the exceptional properties this top-notch product has to offer.

Premium portable sanding belt for demanding tasks
The portable sanding belt LS 309 XH is a universal product for rough, intermediate and finish sanding which allows the user to complete a variety of tasks with one single belt. The LS 309 XH belts practically eliminates the need for replacing the portable sanding belt between the individual work steps making the user more efficient and effective.

Portable sanding belt LS 309 XH: high-quality materials and workmanship
The reason DIY and commercial customers reach for the portable sanding belt made by Klingspor are the impeccable workmanship and unrivalled durability that ensures the best possible results, grain, backing and bonding. Each of these are tailored specifically to the material that will be processed by the portable sanding belt LS 309 XH. Made with synthetic aluminium oxide, which is of highest possible quality and then applied with a close coating. Stock removal is the most important feature of a portable sanding belt and the stock removal rate is excellent in all conditions of use. The bonding for this product is established with premium fully synthetic resin, while a tear-resistant backing guarantees the necessary durability.

Units of Measure

  • Sold by Each
  • Pack Size Units: 10

LS 309 XH Properties

  • Bonding agent: Resin
  • Grain: Aluminium Oxide
  • Coating: Close
  • Backing: X-cotton
  • Belt Joint: F5 glued overlapped

LS 309 XH Applications

  • Metals
  • Wood and wood-based materials
  • Paint / Varnish / Filler
  • Steel
  • NF metals
  • Plastic
  • Stainless steel
  • Glass
  • Aluminium
  • Titanium
  • Leather
  • Mineral-based materials
  • Plastic

Industries:  Metal construction, Wood processing industry

Advantages: Universal belt for metalworking and woodworking – Excellent price/performance ratio

Features: Special type for portable belt sanders – For universal use on wood, metal, paint and varnish – Large product mix of belts for all sanding machines

Additional information

Weight 0.053 lbs
Dimensions 9.06 × 3.94 × 0.472 in


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