Advertising Policy

Adam aims to keep all advertised items in stock, but occasionally, circumstances beyond our control may lead to unavailability. In such cases, we will either provide a rain check or offer a similar item at a comparable price. Please note that special purchases, bonus items, and limited quantity purchases may not adhere to these conditions, and we strive to clearly indicate such items in the flyer. Quantity limits may be imposed, and in case of pricing errors, the intended price will prevail. Actual products may differ from the images shown. Adam’s commitment extends to matching or beating competitor prices for products available and sold in Canada, with the comparison made in Canadian currency. This price match policy excludes shipping charges, coupons, instant rebates, or manufacturer rebates. Our “Best Price in Canada Guarantee” is valid for 30 days from the original purchase date. Flyer prices are applicable during the specified dates mentioned in the flyer.