GEARWRENCH 835D Mechanic’s Stethoscope

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GEARWRENCH from Apex Tool Group is a premier mechanics hand tool brand for Professional Automotive Technicians and Industrial users

Since our beginning, GEARWRENCH automotive specialty tools have been driven by innovation. From our first specialty tool, the Model-T valve spring lifter, to our latest ratcheting puller, we’ve built our reputation with tools that make tough jobs easy. Most of our products have been upgraded with new improved features like dual material handles designed for a more comfortable grip or dual dipped handles on pliers providing more cushion for your hands. GEARWRENCH automotive specialty tools are proudly made with the finest components under the most stringent manufacturing guidelines. Made for everyday use – guaranteed for life. Better tools mean easier, more efficient work so we constantly evaluate automotive engineering trends allowing us to consistently improve and enhance our tools to better fit professional hands. That’s why they are the first choice for thousands of automotive technicians worldwide.

GEARWRENCH 835D Mechanic’s Stethoscope Features

  • Locates the source of engine noise quickly
  • Listen for trouble by tracing the sound of flowing water, oil, gas or steam
  • Identify piston slap, worn gears, faulty valves, water pump failure, damaged gaskets and defective bearings
  • Shock-resistant handle disassembles for storage
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

GEARWRENCH 835D Mechanic’s Stethoscope Specifications

  • Packaging : Carded
  • Weight (Catalog) : 0.265lbs
  • Warranty : Limited Lifetime
  • Color : Black
  • Magnetic : No
  • UPC : 082171008351

GEARWRENCH 835D Mechanic’s Stethoscope Manufacturer Warranty

  • Limited Lifetime

Additional information

Weight 0.265 lbs



GEARWRENCH is a  product from the Apex Tool Group and is a premier mechanics hand tool brand, offering products that are designed and manufactured to meet the tough requirements of Professional Automotive Technicians and Industrial users. Since the launch of the original patented five-degree ratcheting wrench, the GEARWRENCH brand has continuously led the industry with breakthroughs in ratchets, Pass-Thru ratchets, sockets and specialty tools. The GEARWRENCH product range now includes over 2,500 SKUs offering a complete line of tools including over 20 styles of ratcheting wrenches, 84 tooth and 120 position ratchets, sockets, impact sockets, torque wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, pry bars, striking tools and an extensive listing of over 600 automotive specialty tools.
GEARWRENCH from Apex Tool Group is a premier mechanics hand tool brand for Professional Automotive Technicians and Industrial users


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