Fiskars 751400-1001 Pro IsoCore 18″ Wrecking Bar

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Adams SKU: FIS-751400
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Fiskars products solve everyday problems, making daily home, garden and outdoor projects easier and more enjoyable

The Fiskars 751400-1001 allows you to bend and straighten boards, pull nails, or make holes in drywall with a Wrecking Bar that’s as versatile as it is durable. This do-it-all wrecking bar features patented, industry-leading IsoCore(TM) Shock Control System that absorbs strike shock and vibration, reducing the punishment your body takes. The Softgrip® handle and texturing provides improved grip and features a flared handle to keep the hammer firmly in your hand when swinging. The wedged demo edge helps maximize the strike length, helping you to get more from each swing. The compact, 18″ length means you can still pack a big punch working in smaller spaces.

Fiskars 751400-1001 Pro IsoCore 18″ Wrecking Bar Features

  • Wrecking Bar with IsoCore® Shock Control System
  • Transfers 4X less shock and vibration than wood handles
  • Reducing punishment your body takes
  • Board bender & straightener to reuse and straighten boards
  • Chisel & pry to easily remove tile
  • Striking face to make holes
  • Softgrip® handle with texturing for improved grip
  • Demo edge maximizes striking force

Fiskars 751400-1001 Pro IsoCore 18″ Wrecking Bar Warranty

  • Fiskar’s full lifetime warranty


Additional information

Weight .20 lbs
Dimensions 18.62 × 6 × 1.4 in


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