Extreme Thick Metal Deep Cut Band Saw Blades – 3 Pack

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The new extreme metal cutting band saw blades deliver exactly what the users wants; more cuts and less blade changes. With an aggressive variable pitched tooth design we deliver the versatility to cut more metal thickness with one blade. That versatility combined with 3X life in stainless steel, will increase your time cutting and decrease your time changing blades. Paired with fast, clean cuts in common materials, this blade will deliver you the performance you are looking for in one blade.


  • More cuts, less blade changes
  • 3X life in stainless steel and other extreme metals
  • Fastest cutting blade in thick, hard metals
  • Cuts more materials
  • Aggressive tooth design for 2X faster cuts in thick metals
  • 25% More cuts per charge
  • Variable TPI, cuts more materials
  • Optimized tooth design for clean cuts
  • One blade for all metal thicknesses
  • 44-7/8 in. length – fits any saw this size




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