9 in. Torpedo Level/7 in. Rafter Square Combo

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This Empire value pack includes a magnum fat boy 7 in. Aluminum rafter square and an Empire magnetic torpedo level. The aluminum rafter square is built from a solid extrusion that resists bending, breakage and corrosion. The Empire rafter square accurately measures distance and angles with stamped conversion tables with clear, easily visible markings. The rafter square has a thick, solid edge for safe use as a saw guide. The included Empire Level features e-Band™ vials that highlight the meniscus of the bubble to provide a clear reading at plumb, level and 45°. The magnetic level has high visibility vial surrounds for clear viewing and a magnetic edge frees users’ hands when working with metal surfaces.


  • Rafter square (2990) accurately measures distances and angles
  • Rafter square (2990) has a thick edge for safety when used as a saw guide
  • Rafter square (2990) has stamped conversion tables
  • Rafter square (2990) has a solid aluminum extruded design resists bending and breakage
  • Rafter square (2990) resists rust and corrosion to extend tool life
  • Rafter square (2990) is easy to read
  • Torpedo level (em81.9) with e-Band™ vials – blue bands highlight the edge of the bubble and maximize visibility
  • Torpedo level (em81.9) has high contrast vial surrounds optimize visual clarity
  • Torpedo level (em81.9) has an aluminum reinforced frame
  • Torpedo level (em81.9) features a strong magnetic edge
  • Torpedo level (em81.9) has a V-grooved working edge fits on pipe or conduit
  • Torpedo level (em81.9)with top read window for clear overhead viewing
  • Torpedo level (em81.9) is made in USA




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