3/4 in. Aluminum Conduit Bender

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Milwaukee® conduit benders feature high contrast markings for the best visibility allowing users to easily and accurately make bends. A reinforced hook and pedal provide added durability while a secure double bolted handle won’t loosen. These conduit benders feature the most bending references and a wear-resistant reference chart for easier use. Milwaukee conduit benders are available in 1/2 in. EMT, 3/4 in. EMT, and 1 in. EMT heavy duty iron models and 1/2 in. EMT and 3/4 in. EMT lightweight aluminum models.


  • High contrast markings, best visibility
  • Reinforced hook and pedal for added durability
  • High contrast markings
  • Reinforced hook and pedal
  • Secure double bolted handle
  • Most bending references
  • Wear Resistant reference chart
  • Lightweight aluminum shoe
  • For 3/4 in. EMT, 1/2 rigid, and 1/2
  • Key reference angles on shoe
  • Offset multipliers on shoe
  • 30, 45, and 60 degree center of saddle bend notches




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