12 in. Steel Pipe Wrench

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Milwaukee 48-22-7112, 12 in. steel pipe wrench has been designed from the ground up to offer maximum productivity to the professional user. The 12 in. steel pipe wrench features and overbite jaw design offering the largest gripping surface. Dual coil springs offer maximum durability and tool life, and the ergonomic handle form has been designed for maximum comfort and won’t dig into the palms. Through hardened jaws deliver increased grip and tooth durability, and a tether-ready handle loop makes the Milwaukee 48-22-7112 perfect for the toughest of jobsites. Milwaukee stands behind their product and offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty with all pipe wrenches.


  • Overbite jaw – largest gripping surface
  • Dual coil springs – for maximum durability and tool life
  • Ergonomic handle form – designed for maximum comfort, won’t dig into the palm
  • Ergonomic hook jaw design – for easy detachment from the work piece
  • Through hardened jaws – increased durability and grip
  • Tether-ready handle loop




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