100 ft. / 30 m Open Reel Long Tape

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Milwaukee open reel long tapes deliver on best in class accuracy and durability. Both offer nylon bond steel blades that have minimal stretch, and wont kink or tear from abusive conditions. Milwaukee long tapes have industry’s first debris wiper, Grime Guard, that prevents dirt, dust and debris from entering the tape, causing jams. Furthermore, reinforced 3:1 metal planetary gears and metal handle guarantees durability in the toughest jobsite conditions.


  • Grime Guard Indsutry’s First Blade Wiper
  • 1/2-inch Nylon Bond Steel Blade
  • 3:1 Metal Planetary Gears
  • Metal Reinforced Handle
  • Kink Resistant Blade
  • Includes: (1) 30m Open Reel Long Tape (48-22-5203)




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