1 in. x 18 in. Ship Auger Bit

Adams SKU: MILW-48136000 Manufacturer Part#: Milwaukee 48-13-6000 Category:

Milwaukee auger bits are designed for electricians, plumbers, utilities and any trade requiring fast, clean holes in wood. The double wing spurs continually scribe the hole producing smooth holes without breakout. The flutes are coated, which produces a non-stick surface for fast and smooth chip ejection. The shanks are also impact rated for added durability and versatility no matter the trade.


  • Durable: Hardened, one-face 20 degree rake angle design enhances nail resistance, chip removal and fast, easy sharpening
  • Fast chip removal: Nonstick, polished and coated flutes eliminate costly cleaning time
  • Impact-rated shank: Strong enough to use with an impact wrench
  • Versatile: One line of Milwaukee auger bits covers all applications and tools




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