What is MAP/IMAPP?

Adam’s Value Statement:

At Adam’s Tarp & Tool, we adhere to the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy set by our manufacturers. This policy defines the lowest price we are allowed to publicly advertise.

To comply with MAP while offering you the best possible price, we have introduced a new “CALL FOR BEST PRICE” image featuring a crown. When you see this image, it means the product’s price is lower than what we can display online.

Here’s what to do when you see the crown image:

  • Call your nearest Adam’s Tarp & Tool store to get the best price.
  • Click for details, which will direct you to our explanation page.
  • Occasionally, we list products not currently in our catalog to gauge customer interest. These products may also display the crown image, as their actual pricing is managed by our point-of-sale system. In such cases, we will honor the displayed MAP price.

Remember, the MAP price may not be your final sale price. Contact us to get your special Adam’s offer.