Clearance Products

At Adam’s Tarp & Tool, we are committed to offering our customers top-quality products at competitive prices. Our dedication to excellence extends to our Clearance Section, where you can discover incredible deals on a variety of tools, equipment and accessories.We understand the thrill of finding a great bargain, and that’s why we’ve created a special space to showcase discounted products that have either been discontinued by our manufacturers or are no longer being restocked in our stores.

1) All Clearance items are sold as-is and are a final sale. There are no refunds, exchanges, or credits provided once the item is purchased.

2) Manufacturer’s warranty may still apply and will be the customer’s responsibility for ensuring warranty status before purchasing. There may be items that are discolored, faded, show wear or other marks that will not be considered eligible for warranty. Warranty will only apply if a product is not functioning.

3) We will make every effort to highlight problems with clearance items, but it is the customer’s responsibility for inspecting the product in-store or asking for additional information and photos before purchasing products online/in store.

4) We do not offer free shipping on clearance items.

5) Clearance items, are first come, first serve. Adam’s Tarp & Tool will not reserve clearance merchandise please make sure to contact your store location to confirm availability and quantity before making a trip.


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Showing 1–20 of 66 results