Why Create Your Account Today?

Why Create your Adam’s Account Today?
To protect our customers and website from bots and scammers we needed to implement some security measures. To start making purchases on Adam’s Tarp & Tool website you will need to be logged into a registered account. It is simple and easy to do!

What are the benefits?
1. When you see one of our fantastic deals you will be able to take advantage immediately with no delay! Can really make a difference on time sensitive or limited quantity buys as we operate on a first come first serve bases.
2. Creating your account provides you access to our newsletters, flyers and news that provides our customers with great deals and gives you a head start on all things tool related.
3. Adam often runs special draws and give-a-ways from our registered users that you will become eligible for!
4. You get access to special features such as your own personalized Wish List.