What is MAP/IMAPP?

Adam’s Value Statement:

MAP/IMAPP is the Minimum Advertised Price policy established by the manufacturer, which is the lowest price we are authorized to advertise for the product.

Sometimes, with Adam’s best price guarantee, we have a lower price available for a product but cannot display it as a result of the MAP/IMAPP policy.

You will see “MAP:” clearly identified in front of the price when such a situation arises.

In other rare instances we advertise products that are not currently in our catalog to determine the level of interest from our customers. In these situations, the product pricing which is controlled by our point-of-sale program is not available and may show a MAP symbol as there is no actual pricing set. In these cases we will honor the displayed MAP price.

Please keep in mind that that the Map price may not be your actual sales price, but you will need to Contact us to get your special Adam’s offer.