Adam’s Discount / Coupon Policy

Adam’s Tarp & Tool works hard to deliver unique special pricing and promotions to our customers. Many of these promotions are innovative and, in some cases, may be confusing at first look. To clear up any confusion we have created this page to make our discount policies as transparent as possible.

As we create new promos and special deals we will do our best to explain how they work. If we are missing an explanation please reach out to our Websales Team using our contact information above.

Adam’s Storewide Discount Offers

When offering our percentage discounts, we have a few restrictions that we want to make sure everyone is aware of.

Adam guarantees the best price on Power tools, Machinery and Ladders, but the discount may not reach the percentage level suggested in the advertising due to external factors. For some small number of products, there are huge costs associated with them (some machinery and ladders), while others have a very low margin or vendor price rules (some power tools for example) so the full discount may not be available. These items represent a small fraction of the overall products we carry but we feel it’s important customers are aware of the situation.

Therefore, our percentage discount applies to the remaining items that are not already on sale, not already on clearance, and do not have price restrictions from the manufacturer.
We understand that this can be a little confusing, but rest assured we will make every effort to provide you with the best discount possible.

Adam’s Buy One Get One (BOGO) Deals

This promo can be a little confusing so lets explain how the the FREE Tool Coupon Works

To prevent issues with Manufacturers that use a minimum advertised price policy (MAP) we have fail safes on our site which prevent us from violating this policy. When a manufacturer offers a free tool with a purchase, this technically violates the MAP policy on the free item. To prevent us from advertising the free item when purchased by itself we need to keep this policy in place on this free item and still offer it for free. Here is how it works.

  • Simply add the qualifying item in your shopping cart.
  • Then add the FREE item of your choice from the list.
  • Proceed to the checkout. The FREE item may be listed as FREE if there is no MAP or if there is a MAP the free item will show the full retail price but do not worry if the item selected is a valid free item it will be taken care of when you place your order.
  • Proceed to Place Order. When you have a qualified FREE item in your cart it will either be listed as FREE or it will have MAP PRICING displayed where it violates manufacturers MAP
  • Verify your subtotal pricing by checking the item prices against your order subtotal. In the example where the main product price is listed at $299.99 you will notice that even with the FREE item added that was showing a price in your cart, the actual subtotal when you place your order will also be $299.99. This means that your second item is still FREE as promised.

We understand how confusing this is and hope this explanation clears up any confusion on how FREE items are processed.