Adjustable Hole Cutter

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The Milwaukee Adjustable Hole Cutter offers a one-size-fits all solution to make holes in drywall and ceiling tile. Cutting diameters range from 2 through 7with 1/4 inch increments for almost double the amount of sizes over the competition. Utilizing a Quik-Lok arbour for tool-free adjustability as well as laser etc.hed markings and size indicator, users can quickly and easily identify and change sizes without the use of a hex key. A best-in-class durable and reusable debris shield with spring collar keeps cutting blades level and work areas clean, especially in over-head cutting applications. Choose the Milwaukee Adjustable Hole Cutter for applications in drywall and ceiling tiles including: recessed lights, audio speakers, fire/security systems, and clearance holes. Replacement blades and pilot bit – 49-56-0290.




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